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What To Expect With Coaching

When you decide to work with a coach, you are making a commitment to your personal development as a leader.

As your coach, I am completely dedicated to your success and will provide you with an opportunity to focus deeply on achieving your personal and professional goals.

I will provide you with direct and unbiased feedback and I will hold you accountable for the commitments that you make to yourself to enhance your leadership effectiveness. My goal is to help you to clarify your thinking through clear dialogue.

The length of a coaching engagement is variable, depending on the objectives that you are working to accomplish through coaching. Typically, our coaching engagements range from three to twelve months in length, with two 60 minute coaching sessions per month.

In general our coaching process rolls out as outlined below:

  • Meet in our first session to establish objectives for the coaching relationship.
  • Finalize the contract details to confirm objectives and to establish number of sessions, rate, frequency of meetings & billing process. A written contract is provided.
  • Start coaching; at the start of each session we will confirm our objective for our time together and at the end of it we will evaluate how effective it was for you.
  • Continue coaching and evaluate progress on an ongoing basis.