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Leading with Intention



Every single day you interact with others, your boss, your team, your colleagues.  Every time you do so you have the opportunity to affirm your own authentic approach to leadership.


How do you keep your commitment to authenticity front and centre in your busy day?  How can you be consistent when you’re running from one meeting to another?  How can you simultaneously inspire your team, collaborate with your colleagues, and build trust with your boss when you’re booked in back to back meetings every single day?


How can you lead with intention?  How can you do it consistently?


This blog  is designed to offer you ideas and frameworks to spark your thinking about your leadership.


 The ideas included here come from my own career growing from front line manager to CEO and from what I have learned working along side leaders in my coaching  and consulting practice. 


I share these insights to ease the path for your leadership journey and support you in leading with intention.


Are you too attached?

Are you too attached?

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Asking for Help

What should you do when you’re in a new role and you have your first “holy shit” day? You know it.  It sneaks up on...

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