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Clear Dialogue = Clear Thinking

Leadership – It’s Exciting, Invigorating and Challenging

Today’s constantly changing business environment demands that leaders successfully inspire their teams, anticipate change, and mobilize organizations to action.  The best leaders recognize the need to invest in their own personal development so that they can always be at their best, no matter where their business cycle takes them.

Ellen Malcolmson:

  • Ellen is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) with a truly unique perspective.  She has a track record as a senior executive leader with experience leading teams through transformational change and being accountable for the bottom line.
  • In short, she knows first hand what it’s like to lead in the corporate world, and the not-for-profit and public sectors.
  • Her coaching style is grounded in her extensive leadership experience and focused on supporting her clients to achieve exceptional results when they are at the “tipping points” of their careers.
  • She strives to establish a strong personal connection with every client and allow them to discuss the “un-discussables” in a confidential setting.
  • Ellen is a Certified Executive Coach. She completed the Royal Roads University Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching in 2012

Ellen understands how businesses work and partners with clients to help them discover practical, implementable strategies to achieve their business goals. From the outset of every engagement she works with clients to establish specific objectives to be accomplished through coaching relationship and checks in regularly to ensure that the desired results are being achieved.

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Through clear dialogue, Ellen and her clients work together to identify opportunities, increase awareness, and identify beliefs and behaviours that may no longer be serving them well.



A highly specialized form of coaching in which Ellen works with the team leader and the entire team to enable them to enhance their level of awareness of their performance as a team.


Customized Leadership

To support broader leadership development throughout an organization, Ellen partners with clients to design and deliver “bespoke” small group workshops.